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Loyalty2222 1 year ago
How ya'll be fucking with them weak ass cocks he don't even know how to stroke.
Gross. 11 months ago
Hate to break it to you bro, but that white stuff on your dick isn't the girls "creaming" it's a yeast infection.
Kratos 1 year ago
Your stroke game is weak. Be better.
11 months ago
Why have such a big dick if you’re only going to use half ️
Pickled Tink 11 months ago
Lol limp black dick. If she wants bigger, a dildo is . You can’t fuck worth shit.
4 months ago
so you fuck every body with no rubber . . .lol nasty ass
Wtf 8 months ago
Waste of time pushing in 4 inches of a 9 inch dick only.
I’m glad 11 months ago
I’m glad my shit ain’t that big, don’t even look good just painful
CharamelBhabi 6 months ago
You ain’t make none of them bitches moan. Learn how to stroke g. It ain’t all about havin a big duck.
10 months ago
Aint nothing like having a big dick and worrying if it gets to hard if youll pass out or not only nasty hoes want shit like that. Hence the heast infections.